Best App to Check all your Computer Specifications

Hello everyone. Today I am going to show you the best app available to see all specifications of your computer and even benchmark it.

Have you ever wondered if you computer has all the requirements for a program or game that you would like to buy ? So you came to the right place because the program CPU-Z shows you all the hardware specification of your device .From the amount of cores of your CPU to the name of the bios used by your Motherboard this app offers you “sight beyond sight”.

The app itself is very self-explanatory you download it from their website open as a administrator (right clock on the app’s icon to see that option) and this window will pop up.

There you can see all options available for this app its GUI is very friendly and filtered, making it very easy to navigate through it. You also have the option to benchmark your CPU.

But it is recommended to know how to do this properly and prepare the environment because you may damage it and reduce the lifecycle of your it.

That is it for today guys, hope I have helped you somehow. As always have a wonderful day 😉

Istvan Out.

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