How to check if a file contains virus 👾

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you a quick and easy way to check if your file or website that you are visiting has any malicious intention behind it !

The application that I am going to demonstrate to you is VirusTotal, what this tools does is actually very simple, it checks the file that you have upload (max 500mb) and then verify their database to see if any file from the application match, if it does, it displays you a warning that a certain antivirus has detect it already and explains to you what this virus does to your computer and how it may affect you !!!

Alright now how do I use it ?

Well you just have to visit their website at and then upload your file by clicking on “Choose file”

Then it will automatically start analyzing the file for you, and that is it. This is the outcome of the file that I have uploaded.

You can also check a website by selecting the URL options instead of the file !!!

Nice !! It seems safe. But a friendly reminder that there is new types of virus being created and implemented everyday even after using this tool be cautious with what you are installing and using. Always double check if the app that you have installed or website being visited has a good reputation.

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