How to get tons of free resources and courses using your University/College email ✉️🎓

Hello everyone today I am going to show you how to make the best out of your University/College degree by getting free courses and resources that are usually very expansive but turn out to be free for students.

1.Github Student

The first one is actually one of the best options out there because you don’t only receive support from GitHub but actually from more than 100 others partners among them Amazon AWS, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, Unity, and etc. All of them offering free courses for their platform and also credits that can be used on paid resources sometimes even getting limitless until your email expire !!!

What you have to do is go to their website here and register through it using your email from College or Uni, it will send the confirmation to verify that you own the email and that is it you get all this library of free stuff !!!


2. Coursera for Students

Coursera is a course platform that offers numerous possibilities of certification from nutrition to security on cloud it has for sure something for you. The best thing from that is that sometimes big companies like Google, IBM, and renowned Universities offer specialisation courses which adds a lot to your carrier, right now particularly I have been doing the Security on Cloud offered by google and the best thing is that the whole specialisation is free 🙂 . You can apply for their special account right here .


3. JetBrains

If you want to become a programmer JetBrains is offering a lot of courses for free as well of a veriety of different programming languages, for you to have some notion they are the creators of Pycharm !!! You can register for their courses right here.



These are particularly not related to education but they are really nice promotion that you can get by being a student.

Amazon Prime (Free 6 months) :

Spotify Premium 50% for 4 years :

Creative Cloud 60% off:

Squarespace 50% off:

That is it for today guys hope I have helped you somehow, as always, Have a wonderful day !!!

Istvan out.

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