How to Block ❌ Email Addresses from your Outlook/Hotmail Accounts📩

It is really annoying when your email is leaked somehow to the internet and spammers use it to try to send malware to you, or if you subscribed to a newsletter from a company that you didn’t want to. Today I am going to show the simplest and fastest way to block their email account from affecting you.

First log into to your account, and click on the engine icon on the top right corner. Then proceed to click on “View all Outlook settings”.

Then click on “Mail” and go to “Junk Mail”. Copy and past all emails you wish to block, don’t forget to save the changes.

And simple as that you have just blocked all the emails from sending more spam !!

Unfortunately there is no way to do that on the mobile app the only way is by doing that on the browser platform, they may add this option in the future but for now that is the only option.

Hope I have helped you somehow, as always have a wonderful day.

Istvan out 😁

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