How to disable ALL sound effects from Windows 10 🔊

Hey everyone, today I am going to show you how to disable all those annoying sound that windows use to blast your ears whenever a pop-up appears or click on something while navigating the file directory.

Alright, So first things first, go to your search bar and write down “control panel”

Now go to the search bar from the control panel and type “sound”

Click on the icon that appeared and then click on the “sound” bar located on the top of the window. Then you will see an option under “Sound Scheme” that says “No Sounds” this will disable all those sound effects from Windows. If you prefer you can go and disable only certain effects under “Program Events” if you do so a new custom Sound Scheme will be created with only the sounds that you have selected. Now press Apply and then Ok and tah dah now you don’t have to bother with it anymore !!!

That is it for today guys, hope I have helped you somehow, as always, have a wonderful day !!!

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