How to navigate through your Windows machine faster 💨

Hey everyone, today I am going to show to you how to disable and windows animations to make you navigate faster through your directories and folder.

It sucks whenever it takes ages for your windows to open new directories if your memory is running low , but it is fine because you have a option to disable all “useless” animations that windows enable to look your OS look more pleasant (I will be honest with you it is almost unnoticeable) but it has a downside by making your computer run slower than it is capable of. Enough talk lets go to the tutorial.

First think search on your search bar for “Control Painel” and search for “System”

Now go on Advanced and click on the performance settings.

Select “Adjust for best performance” and click apply and then ok.

That is it you have done it !!! Now you will notice a few small changes to the astatic of your OS but on the other side I guarantee to you that it will run faster.

Hope I have helped you somehow, as always have a wonderful day !!!

Istvan Out 😉

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