How to Turn All Your Webpages into Dark Mode Free and Automatically ⬛

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you a really cool feature that you can add on any browser to be able to turn all the webpages into darkmode.

It is very annoying whenever you are browsing at night and a page blast your face with a white glare. But thanks to the Dark Reader extension now it is much easier and faster to prevent you from receiving these unexpected death rays.

This application is an extension for browsers and it is available google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. To access it, go to the “add extensions” tab on your browser usually located on the top right corner.

I am using the Edge browser as reference.

There search for “Dark Reader” then download it, and this icon will show up.

Here you can adjust the tool and change from dark to light mode, now whenever you search a new website it will be automatically changed to dark mode without you need to worry about burning your eyes.

Hope I have helped you somehow, as always, have a wonderful day.

Istvan out 👾

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