How to make your Laptop access 5G wi-fi. 💻🌐

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how to make your laptop recognize 5G wi-fi which is a feature that is many times disable from your laptop or computer, therefore, making you only be able to use 2.4G wi-fi.

Alright so the first thing you gotta do is make sure that your router has 5G wi-fi, to check that let’s do the following:

Type “cmd” on your windows search bar:

Now type the following command and then hit enter:


Now copy the number s that appeared besides “Default Gateway”.That is where your router configurations are located, Remember that your number may differ from mine, so yours could be, or it does not matter as long as you have your number with you.

Now paste the number on your web browser

A log-in page will be shown to you, to get your login and password try to find usually under your router a sticker where it shows the default credentials, sometimes the password may be the password that you use for your wi-fi. Below I will show an example of a sticker.

Now that you are in, to check if you have 5G, go to your wireless or wi-fi settings and try to see if there is a 5G options like this:

If it is disabled simply click on the “on” button (reminder that each router varies on how you are able to set it up so try to do a quick research on how to properly set your router). Good, after saving the settings, your wi-fi will be off for a few seconds but it will be back right after.

Now to enable 5G capability on your computer go to the search bar from windows and type “Device Manager”

There you will find a option that says “Network Adapters” right click on it !!!

Left click on the “Realtek” option and go to properties from there you can select “Advanced”

Now under Property go to “Wireless Mode”, besides that there will be a Value Option instead of “Auto” select IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac. This is what is going to make your computer recognize 5G just a reminder that as of now your device will only recognize 5G so if you need to connect back to 2.4G for some reason simply repeat the steps that we have done so far but instead of IEEE 802.11 a/n/a select “Auto”. Click on ok and now your computer will be able to recognize 5G wi-fi 🙂

That is it for today guys, hope I have helped you somehow, as always have a wonderful day.

Istvan out 😉

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