Remove Unnecessary Files From Your Computer Automatically

Tired of not having enough storage ? Welcome then, because today I will show you an app that remove duplicate and junk files that you and your system does not need anymore.

The name of the app is is Czkawka and it can be download here it has a gui and a command line options as well, it was programmed using Rust which is a very reliable language thanks to its speed and security

To use it is very simply, just download the version for you OS (in my case Manjaro) and start doing its magic.


You can select specific folder or your entire drive if you want, it is up to you ! the tool doesn’t always make the right selection, if you have two photos that are similar enough they may be flagged as the same photo since it doesn’t rely entirely on hash sums to differentiate files.

That is as easy as it gets, if you are not sure if you want to delete the file or not, you can double click on it to have a better look into it, then once you are sure just delete it by pressing the delete button on the right bottom button.

Hope this was useful somehow for you, as always, have a wonderful day 😉

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