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Best and fastest way to set up VM for Bug Bounty.

Hi everyone today I will be showing you some automate tools to set up your virtual machine (Kali/Parrot) to be ready for bug bounty right away. I will assume that you already have your VM installed and ready to run so I will be starting from there.

Update VM

Before we do anything let’s update our VM so then it can have the latest patches .

  • kali / parrot
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
  • arch
sudo pacman -Syyu

Install BBHT

BBHT is a automated script that pre-install a lot o tools that are used for recon, attack, information gathering and etc… , to do so go to their github repository at then git clone the url.

git clone

Install Lazy Recon

Lazy recon is by one of the best tools for the recon phase of a bounty.

git clone

Bug Bounty CheckList

This is not a tool but more of a checklist for you to keep track while trying to discover a bug, I always use it to not forget anything 🙂

Thanks for taking your time to read though this post, as always have a good one 😉

Istvan Out 🚀

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