Top 3 Websites to Train Ethical Hacking for Free 🖥️

Hey everyone, today I am going to show you my top 3 websites to enhance your pentesting abilities and also to learn how to protect yourself from these attacks.

TryHackMe is a wonderful website to start from. They have paths that you can select to start learning from the basics and as you get better you can select harder “room” to be more challenge. There is also a paid plan that you can choose to upgrade to get access to extra rooms and a private Kali Linux Machine accessible via the web browser which means you can literally access it from anywhere !!!.

Hack The Box is one of the most famous websites among pentesters for being one of the oldest and also for its accuracy in simulating the “real deal”, it also has paid room as previous mentioned for tryhackme both subscription are worth paying !!!

VulHub is a really cool open platforms that outstands for its quantity and variety of room offered, there you will surprise yourself by how creative the creators are !!!

Hope I have helped you somehow, as always have a wonderfull day !!!

Istvan out 😉

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