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What was the Northbridge and Southbridge on a motherboard and what is has become today.

Hi guys today I am going to explain and demonstrate the difference between the northbridge and southbridge of a motherboard and also tell what has happened to them overtime.


The northbridge was responsible for the communication among the motherboard peripherals like the PCIEs, the CPU, and what used to be part of old motherboards AGP, and of course the Southbridge as well. Nowadays the Northbridge is integrated into the CPU itself which means that what used to be the northbridge chip does not exist anymore. Below I will be posting what a northbridge used to look like.


Southbridge (Chipset):

The southbridge used to be responsible for the control and communication between CPU, I/O functions, IDE, SATA, PATA connections, BIOS, and the PCI bus. Nowadays it has much more functionality but it still has the same catch which is managing the data flow among the motherboard, a few functionalities of the southbridge aka Chipset is, the StoreMI technology (which is a somehow recently new technology from AMD that allows you to combine an HDD and a SSD as one single storage device, it does offer more functionality which I will be providing a link under References for you to have a better understanding), the management of High-speed platform lanes (PCIs, SATA, USB), and of course the capability to Overclock your processor and Memory using the BIOS. Below I will be displaying what an advanced chipset looks like today.



  • (StoreMI)

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